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Free Shipping on all orders over $150!
Free Shipping on all orders over $150!

Perfect Wedding Playbook

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

This is where you will share your vision for what you want your wedding to look like! We will show you all the options we have available and discuss pricing for renting or purchasing. We recommend you book your consultation at least 6 months before your big day. Book an appointment and choose the Wedding Consultation option.

Step 2: Register your Party

 Once you are ready to finalize your options, it is time for you to officially register your wedding with us! You will book your Wedding Registry appointment and make all the final decisions for the outfitting of your party. You will be asked to pay a Registration Fee that ensures your party will be going through us. This also ensures that the prices are set and will not be raised, even if the price of the product increases.

Step 3: Getting Fitted

The next step is to have everyone in your party get fitted! We recommend your party members get fitted here, so we can measure them according to our specifications and put them in try-ons to ensure the perfect size/fit. If they are not able to travel to us, we have a list of stores all over the US that we can refer them to. We ask that you give us around 1-2 months time to get everyone in your party in and fitted. They are free to come in to be fitted without an appointment.   

Step 4: Prepping the Wedding

This is where you get to relax and let us do our magic! We will get the entire wedding prepped and set for the big day. Wedding participants are required to put at least half the payment down before we begin prepping. This is to ensure your suit does not get taken and used for a different wedding.  

Step 5: Final Fitting and Pickup

Once everything is ready, we will contact you to come in for your final fitting! This is usually done around 2 weeks out from the big day. We ask that you try on everything in-store one more time, in case any last minute changes need to be made. You will need to pay any remaining balance when you pick up. 

**Any rental items are due back the day after the event. You will be charged $20 per day late that the items are returned. 


If you have any other questions on how we can make your wedding vision a reality, feel free to contact us via phone or email!

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