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Free Shipping on all orders over $150!
Free Shipping on all orders over $150!


We realize there is so much that goes into planning your wedding. That is why we strive to make choosing suit specifics for your guys as easy as possible! We have options for renting and purchasing for wedding parties.

Time Frame Needed

In order to have enough time to offer all the options for your big day, we ask that you schedule your consultation a MINIMUM of 5 months in advance. 

PRO TIP: Bringing the following information for each party member will greatly help make the process easy and successful: Name (first and last), Phone number, and email. We will be contacting them with important information through these channels for the entire process. This takes some of the responsibility off you guys (the bride and groom) and frees you from being the middleman!

Groom Suit

Deciding how to set him apart from the rest can be accomplished in many different ways. Consider choosing a different tie from the rest of the party, put him in a coordinating suit color, or create a completely custom look that will compliment the stunning bride!

Single Suit Rental or Purchase

Going for a more intimate approach to your big day? We got you covered! We also offer rentals and purchases for a single suit. We will work with your plans to get him looking dashing for the day! Schedule a single or custom suit fitting here to get started! (We recommend you still plan at least 4 months in advance for single wedding suits purchases and rentals.)

Wedding Group Prices

We offer discounted purchase prices for registered parties who would like to purchase their suits, along with prices for full rental packages and individual pieces!

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